Smell Gas At Home? Here Are 4 Things You Should Do

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The last thing that you want to smell in your home is gas and if it is too late you would also not want to be there because the consequences are bad. There are two types of gases; natural gas and carbon monoxide and both can be bad for you. Luckily natural gas is something you can smell unlike carbon monoxide gas and this could usually come from your home’s faulty appliances. With new technology in the market there are ways to track down carbon monoxide gas but you may not have it at home. So it is imperative that you have some basic knowledge of what to do if you smell gas in your home to protect yourself and other occupants in the home. 

Turn off the Power

If you suspect a gas leak do not light any matches or turn on any switches if you do so it could result in an explosion. It is safe for you to also go a turn off the gas meter and make sure you turn off all power in the home.

Find the Source

It can be scary for you to look for the source of where the leak is coming from but it is important if you want to quickly resolve the problem. If the leaks are coming from the kitchen then you just have to go and check if you have turned off the gas. The other source could be a broken gas pipe and if you smell it come from close spaces like the basement then just remove yourself from the home and call for Franklin plumbers to come check out the pipes as they are trained to do it. If you don’t have gas at home and you still smell it then it could be coming from outside your home and it is most likely is significant leak so you should leave your home immediately.

Expert Help

If you end up calling for help to check out the pipes then it is better to also check for carbon monoxide gas. Get any nice gas fitters auckland to come and do an inspection. They would have the tools available to them to sort this issue out. If there is any carbon monoxide gas and you don’t spot it quickly it can be poisonous to anybody who breathes it.


If you suspect any gas leak make sure to open all the doors and windows to your home to let the air out. It reduces the smells and reduces any risks that could occur with electrical equipment’s.

It can be a matter of life and death so knowing what to do or what to look out for during a gas leak is important. To be on the safe side always call for help once you have spotted the problem.